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few days ago i fought a fair fight vs a 17 years old girl, im 20, dont ask how we reached it lol. i have 6 packs and 8 years in martial arts. she does only gymnastics.. .. she is 1.67 and im 1.67, a brunette beautiful girl. and she just finished me in that fight! she was extremly fast and i couldnt react between her moves. and she managed to hit me a lot.. i actually asked her to show me how she does it, and sorta train me.. and she accepted. and we met from time to time. and i became better a bit. but she still manages to beat me time after time without an effort. really easily. how can it be?! a 16.9 years old girl who only does gymnastics, manages to beat time after time a 8 years martial arts man!?
asdfawedf asdfawedf 18-21, M 3 Answers Mar 18, 2014 in Hobbies

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It just is....she won, you lost. It just happened...this is the way life is.

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Someone please shut this spammer up...<br />
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Get to it!

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