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Im not sure if hispanic means mixed race or white people that speak spanish. I thought that all of Central and South America is hispanic, all the Carribean countries are black except for Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico which is hispanic.
Skoallio Skoallio 22-25, M 5 Answers Apr 26, 2014 in Travel

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I't a matter of who imported most negro slaves

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well back in olden days, a long A$$ time ago, the Spanish went all over that area and had some pretty brutal colonies in the islands and in the americas, there were natives on the islands and mainlands.... everyone mixed there so you have every kind of skin tone really... sugar plantations on the islands and in s america were very brutal though (more so than in N america especially) ... and so alot of africans were brought there... hispanic means kinda like "of Spanish".. in the US its more of a reference to Latin American natives who speak Spanish- excludes blacks and natives who primarily speak their languages/ uphold their cultures... race can be a weirdly defined thing in this case

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Recent white immigrants.

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