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I lost a cat last year and i find out they have shorter lives.
konfusedd konfusedd 16-17, F 7 Answers Aug 18, 2012 in Loss in the Family

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Because they are smaller and have a short adolescence and a fast breeding cycle.<br />
<br />
In the wild, a cat, for example, can be fertile at six months, and completely grown at 1 year. That cat could have six kittens in a litter, and kittens tend to leave their mothers at 4 or 5 months of age. So, if a female cat has her first litter at 8 months, with an average of 2 surviving kittens per litter, and lives 8 years (typical for an animal surviving without human intervention) having a litter per year, she will have 16 successful offspring to carry her bloodline. Because of this fast breeding cycle, cats simply haven't needed long lives, so they haven't evolved them.

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it is unfortunate, isn't it!

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Obviously the advances Humans have made in medicine have a lot to do with it, but even without those advances we would still live longer than both cats and dogs. I guess I don't really know what causes some species to live longer than others. Good question.

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