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Our subconscious minds have a fixed pattern (habitual) way of behaving. The subconscious beliefs shape our habits too. The fear of doing something new keeps us from moving into new patterns. At that time, the pain & fear of doing something new is greater than the pain of making the same mistake. Once the pain is great enough we start to make changes.

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Hi Dolly~! It's good to see you are here again this morning-

to answer your question, we may not learn from a former mistake because we often do not recognize the same situation with but a few differences, small variances in the matter.

So, we eternal optimists jump in again, hoping for the best, then being surprised at the same results.

Many would say to us to be more cautious, and more introverted, etc. I can't do that, so hurts, disappointments come again.

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until you get burned you don't realise you're making a mistake?

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Because people do things until when they get caught.

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