like for instance ive had bad joints for yrs and always took calcium and figured vitamin d was in my multy, same with calcium, it just seems like they dont put out what you really need and only a fifth of it, im just now finding this out, i think i might have a vitamin d deficiency and just upped my vit d intake and i feel so much better than i have in yrs, it seems like no matter what vitamin is in a multi its never enough, besides vit d, what other vitamins are not having enough for an adult, i noticed they dont do that with the d's so i wondered what else theyre not doing, and what vitamins can i buy where they really put what a person needs each day instead of a fifth of it, i never knew they rip us off vitamins when they do that and what makes it worse is youre thinking youre getting enough when youre not, so what arent vitamins are missing from a multi besides the d one, mine had only 400 and i heard i needed 2000 and thats what ive been taking lately
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because you are supposed to get the rest from the foods you eat. It's actually better to get as many vitamins and minerals from your food as possible. Vitamins are only supposed to supplement our diet- not replace healthy foods. Some vitamins don't even have natural ingredients. To be sure you are getting vitamins & minerals from food I get organic ones that say from a whole food source etc.

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The best source is the sun. Makes you feel great. I suggest eating foods with things you want, rather than taking pills.

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Because it's a minimum average. Everybody's needs are different, plus everyone's size is different. How can you accurately calculate a single pill that will fit the needs of both someone who weighs 90 pounds and someone who weighs 300 pounds?

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