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I still think about my first love and that was 13 years ago.

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the guy I'm in love with moved to brazil 3 years ago. i think about him still every single day.

dont rush it, it isn't as painful as it used to be. and i wanted to kick every single person that told me "it gets better" or "time will heal you" but as much as i hate to admit it, they were right.

One day you'll wake up, and it won't hurt anymore. I promise.

You will probably never forget, but it won't hurt.

Just breathe and before you know it, you'll be okay. Took me 2 years to finally be better, and I still think of him.

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its very hard to forget about someone who meant alot to you who you cant see anymore

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could be your first love , and you never forget them,,

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That is the love that never dies

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