im 17, i practice martial arts 8 years! even has 6 packs.. i fought a fair fight vs a 18 years old girl in an open tourment [all ages] and (it was in the firs stages) the opponents chose by lottery.. she is 1.80 and im 1.67 in height. she practicing only for 1-2 years. she is blonde hair blue eyes.. she wasnt a bully.. she looks good,like a girly seemed easy. but she just finished me there! she dodged almost any move i made! she hit me lots, but not hard, but lots. i dont know whats happened there.. i just couldnt react. it was fast and hard. and she did it easily, like she is dancing. then she came behaind me, kicked me behaind my knee, so i fell on in, she said like "lets finish this babe, shall we?".. she went in front of my, kicked me a really strong kick to the stomach, then, a super kick to my chin sending be backwards to the floor groin in pain a bit. she just stood there with her thriumph pose saying "ooooo too bad sweetheart" and went away like a model.
sinisoya sinisoya 16-17, M Dec 25, 2013 in Doing Good

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