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Haha, I went to this workshop thing for Military and Dependants to talk about things that needed to be changed.. during a break a group of us were sitting around when this Soldier tell us this story; One of his friends during AIT decided to buy a puppy during one of their off-post passes. This kid got the dog on post, into the barracks and to his room on the 2nd floor. For 2 weeks he was able to keep the dog a secret.. it didnt bark i guess. One day one of the Sergeants walked in and suddenly this puppy runs to him and starts jumping and wanting to play. The Sergeant bent down started petting it and laughing when it suddenly clicked - there was a dog in the barracks. The Sergeant didnt punish the Soldiers cause he was shocked and thought it was funny they could hide it for so long, but he did take the dog away, and he has kept it as his own. How the heck can u hide a puppy for so long!! I mean they bark, they go potty, and then food and water! Haha i would try it though..
ProudArmyWife2007 ProudArmyWife2007 22-25, F 6 Answers Dec 12, 2009

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puppies are so frickin cute, it's worth the trouble.

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Hey there,wow! thats a funny one! hahaha! got me actually laughing & thinking now...The soldiers must be really good at puppy training.?? lol

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I'm not sure but this was a fun story. Thank you for sharing!! :) :) :)

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