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You are an investigator and you were called to go to a house and check out the death of a man. He hung himself. He is approximately 5'8 the ceiling exceeds his height by an estimated 4ft the room is empty but there is a massive puddle on the floor (One would even refer to it as a flood almost) How did he manage to hang himself??? ;-D
quanta quanta 22-25, F 4 Answers Nov 25, 2010

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Easy. His wife broke water. Choked him with the Umbilical cord and then left for the hospital taking the furniture and is wallet with her. They are all the same.

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Oh I was going to say flooded the room to tie himself and wait for the room to empty till he was hanging not floating...But Dreaming Starlight's answer makes WAY more sense LOL.

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essenden takes the cake... U mbilical cord

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