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Joshua Arron from the bible and Zoa Malissa after my grandmothers.

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my twins , i knew i was having twins but i didnt kno the sex

so i waited to be surprised , i named them based on how i felt when i first saw them ,

Matthew Eden and Arianna Jessa

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My oldest son, Xavian....always liked the name Xavier and wanted to make it a little unique. Turns out, not that unique.

Oldest daughter, Ava. What's not to like about that name? Wife picked it out really, she never said why but I liked it.

My youngest son Gabriel. That name was selected out of a few other names, I wanted to give my son my brothers first name which is Thomas as his middle. I thought Gabriel Thomas had a nice ring to it and sounds strong.

My youngest daughter, Sophia. My wife and I thought that was a elegant name and similarly, she wanted to give her, my wifes favorite aunts name which is Jane. So....Sophia Jane sounds pretty damn good to me. But, I can't remember the last time we called her Sophia....she goes by phia (fee-ya)

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I tried to find out every trendy current name for the current year and past few years and struck those off the list right away.

Have you noticed all kids of both sexes seem to be a name that rhymes with "ayden"? LOL. Sigh.

So yeah, nothing trendy.

Then I looked for old names that were classic, classy and timeless and chose ones I liked.

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I looked up the name Jaden on the Internet. I decided to spell it like Will Smith's son's name as opposed to Jayden. I hope I made the right decision. I don't want people calling him Jade when he gets older.

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I've always loved the name Kayleigh and when we found out I was pregnant with a girl it just felt right :-)

My partner chose her middle name

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Heh heh, the night before I had my son, my best friend and I went through the local phone book to get ideas. I liked the name Adam, but decided to use it as his middle name because we had a friend with the same name, and he was already conceited enough.

So, Christopher it was.

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