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He was driving me home from work in our 66 Ford F100 and said"You don't want to get married do you?" lol A true Romeo:)I said no and waited for a better

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Oh, it was so romantic, he said.

One minute, women, please I'd go down on my knees To say to you with a word so true "I love you"

I fail to understandWhy you don't want my handI try to find what's on your mindI wonder

Why don't you stop and see?Why you're not loving me?Would it hurt to say "Hello"Or don't you know?

One minute, women, pleaseI'd go down on my kneesTo say to you with a word so true"I love you"

I said yes right then and there

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I did not say yes but that is because he had beaten me up too many times. However, he took me to one of the best resteraunts in London we oredered lobster and he ordered a bottle of dom perignon.

unbeatable. But it was too late.

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We had gone to Taco Bell and the sauce packets have cute little saying on them. One said "Will you marry me?". He tossed it my way and I giggled. He said, "No really. Will you?" LOL

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