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in my new family there are twin sisters they 16 im 14, we got in a fight and I fractured one of thems arm and hurt the ribs of the other one when i kicked her. they was being mean for real and trying to pin me down so they could do stuff to me.
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua 13-15, M 4 Answers Sep 30, 2012 in Community

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oh my. I'd be terrified of you. Consider taking an anger management class. Building trust after such violence will take time.

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They were the ones that ripped off my shorts while I was sleeping and tried to mess with my junk. It was almost exactly how one girl and her boyfriend would do before they abused me before I got I def got problems with ppl doing stuff like that.

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My apologies for what happened to you and my response. You've already apologized to them - they should be reaching out to you. You all need help. What are your parents doing about it?

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my new parents moved me out of the house into the big room over the garage it's like a small house all by it self. my new Dad said they are dealing with hormones n stuff right now and their bad behavior is related to that. They will be punished somehow prob but last time they just grounded them. but now we can't be alone in the house together b/c they haven't learned and they still think it's just a joke. I talked to my new parents before lunch today just me n them and told them more details about my abuse and why i reacted how i did cause they need to understand im not a bad person and it was just me being scared. They cried again and said they understand and they gonna talk to my counselor too. Its harder than i thought it was gonna be living with a real family but im staying here.

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I am so sorry you going through this, it is NOT your fault. They need serious help and should get it. Do what you have to to stay safe. Don't apologise any more they should be the ones crying for forgiveness and saying it's their hormones is NO excuse and there shouldn't be any excuses made. Parents are there to protect all their children.

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