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My fiance and I just moved and I have yet to find a job so the only income we have is his disability. I keep bringing up things that need to be taken care of and he continues to say things along the lines of "if we have the money." the thing is, the other day he just bought 120 dollars worth of video games, even though I tried to suggest that maybe he should just get one game. He also wants to subscribe to Xbox live. It's not my money, I'm not bringing anything to the table right now. But, the money he's spending affects me too. How can I approach the problem with out seeming like I'm trying to control his money?
dragonluver137 dragonluver137 18-21, F 4 Answers Feb 4, 2013 in Marriage

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I think your question kind of says it all... How can you control his spending without appearing to control it? I don't think you can... I agree completely with you, by the way, so this is said with all love... But you can't really address it fairly as you point out you are not contributing... It sounds to me like you two better get some financial planning assistance, or counseling so that you are both on the same page... <br />
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While I agree that you are affected and he had his priorities out of whack, it isn't going to change once it really IS your money too I doubt... <br />
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Wish you the best of luck, all I could suggest is to just lay it out and be open about it... Money problems have a way of bubbling up, so best to just get it out of the way as soon as possible :-)

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There is a very simple explanation: What yours is mine and mine is mine :~)

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You two need to settle this monetary issue before you get married -- money is one of the major causes for pain and suffering in a marriage.

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