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Awe, if she is a good wife you don't need a special plan. Just get her all polished up. You'll know when she's ready. She'll be all melty in your arms. Then tell her that you've been bad or something, and lead her into it.

Use your skillz!

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man, if she really love you you will just be able to say this:

"Hey, hon, you know what would really turn me might think this is kinda kinky...but i heard there are a lot of sensual nerves in the buttocks and I would really love you to just spank me really hard just when I'm gonna ***...can you fulfill this fantasy for me, babe...I'll do something you want in return...sheez it's not like you want anal sex!!!

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Honey, please spank my bottom please! I have been a bad, bad boy!

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when the mood is set and you are wanting to be spanked tell her you have done something bad and you need to be punished, bare your butt and hand her the belt or paddle or ? then lay across her lap......she will get the idea and give you what careful for what you ask she maybe holding some resentment from the past and really give you a whoopen...... enjoy

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