I want to know how to attract a boy without dressing or acting whoreish or desperate. Let's say I'm at the mall or the movies. How do I get a boy to notice me when he is with a group of friends? How do I let him know I'm available without making myself to available? And how do I get him to make the first move?
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If you walk up to a group of boys by yourself, chances are you'll blow it. This is what you do... It won't work everytime, has a higher chance of success than just giving him your number.

1. Be with your friends

2. Be the prettiest girl in your group or at LEAST better looking than most of them.

3. Have your group of friends walk through him and his group of friends

4. Let your loudest, most abrasive friend bust through the line. This serves 2 purposes

a. You can act like your just following your classless friend

b. The loud girl will be the first that all the other boys look at in disgust.

5. Be in the middle (leaders are surrounded by their followers).

6. Position yourself so that you will be in his direct line of site.

7. Apologize for your friend (she's classless and everyone knows it).

8. Tell him that the best thing about your friend is that you got to meet him because of her.

9. Quietly ask if he's available. If he's interested he will say "Yes" if not he'll say "No"

10. If yes, discretely give him your info, but don't hand him a note it will look staged. borrow a pen/piece of paper from one of your quieter friends (if you carry this stuff with you, you will look like a hooker)

b. if he says "no" still be polite and say "lucky girl" END IT, find the next guy

11. Ask him to text you or whatever it is you kids do.

12. Collect your friend and leave.

13. Go buy your "classless" friend a ticket to the movies, itunes card or something.

14. Be prepared to be the loud girl for HER.

I take cash and credit cards, but this one's free.

You need a system and this one DESERVES best answer :)

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guys this is the girl you don't want to date read and learn

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gosh just say hello. it the easiest way.

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you would get him to make the first move by making your own first move, Say hello. a coy smile, something that simple can get his attention, then get him to persue you.

Dasleeth brought up an excelent point of getting him away from the group, Macho pressure could work for or against you so keep it out of the picture. you could do something as simple as asking him if you can ask him a question in private. when you get him a few paces from the group ask him something like "as a guy, do you think i should wear my hair op or down" or something that will draw attention to your looks without sounding vain and shallow. ask his name, if he asks for yours then offer the phone number too if he doesn't ask for it.

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good luck

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as a man, i would advise you to walk up and announce yourself as one of the opposite sex and grab him and take him away from his group of loser friends(you know who you are). just take him, you are a female and as such you rule the planet and can make the rules for yourself. when i say grab him i mean grab where it might leave a mark. take what you want. i know i really like that kind of attack, at least you will know what the stakes are after that. men could not do that kind of thing to a woman because it would be an assault case, but a woman can still get away with it for now. good luck

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Pay me.

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dress up your hair and were stylish closelike a dressor a cute shiny blouse guys love shinny bright closeing.guys are like crows they like bright shinny thing and soft.

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Be friendly, smile, show confidence, be a joiner, laugh and look like a fun person.

having confidence is important and making eye contact and introduce yourself. Suggest you all go to the movies or go grab some food.

good luck

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See valkor5's yourself and go get what you want!

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wave at him

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Just walk up to him like you own the place, introduce yourself and give him your number. Viola!

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