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Is it Lesbian hunting season again?

Have you tried honey?

Or a mating call?

Try using a spare Harley Davidson and leave it in a clearing, see if attracts any local Lesbian wild life?

Finally if the Harley doesn't work try dangling a pair of Pink tickets from a tree....

(I am so dead if any Lesbians without a sense of humor knows where I live )

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I'd offer them a pair of sensible shoes.

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Build yourself a nice blind of pink chiffon then set out some attractive manikins wearing lacy push-up bras. Draw them in with a soft moaning call and keep your whip and studded collars at the ready.

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I wish i had the answer to this one ...They hit on me all the time !

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Talk to them. Since most of us forgo tattooing our sexual orientation on our faces, this means you'll end up talking to a lot of women who you aren't sure about, even if you go to gay events and locales.

Seriously, be a good listener. Nod and make little sympathetic noises while they're talking--but preferably because you actually really do care and think they're amazing and such.

Avoid going around with a single female friend--that'll provoke confusion as to whether or not you're a couple. Bring multiple friends if you're not going solo.

Dress a little sexily, and be confident and yourself--but maybe don't say something that's a red flag the first time you meet them (unless it's something that would be a MAJOR thing if you withheld it, like being married or such).

Men or straight women can sometimes have relationships or casual sex with lesbians, but it may be a lot harder, and there may be trust/security issues. Especially if you're a man, never ever be pushy--if you don't care enough about the woman to refrain from that for her sake, you're a total jerk and you shouldn't be dating, but even so, lesbian circles tend to be small and once you **** off one, you have a good chance of gaining a bad reputation with all of them in your city.

Just be passionate. And I sincerely hope you're a woman, because a man asking this question is not someone I would ever want to succeed at his endeavor. Someone's sexual orientation shouldn't be the deciding factor in whether or not your want them attracted to you.

Oh, yeah, and the traditional: Make sure you know plenty of gay people! If you're not in gay social circles, your chances of meeting a lesbian, knowing she's a lesbian, her knowing you're interested, and both parties actually being interested... are somewhat reduced.

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cut your hair, no make up, pretty much---look like a DUDE!!!!!!!

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I'm with BrighterTheyFall on this one. Your profile says you're a female and you have a goal of sleeping with a lesbian. I'm guessing you are curious and want to experiment.

If you are serious about at least having some kind of relationship with lesbians, casual or serious, then you will attract them. They come across far too many people simply curious to have sex with one and then never hear from them again.

However, if you are simply into a casual experiment, there are a few that are open to that. I would suggest something along the lines of what BrighterTheyFall outlined.

Get involved in the local gay events or nearby similar events. Put yourself out there a little bit, but not so painfully obvious. I'd try friendships first. I'd also flirt and converse quite a bit with the girls I'm attracted to, just to let them know I am available, then I'd back off. Too many people new to the lifestyle or simply cruising for attention (i.e.; doing it to be different, doing it to attract men) are usually too pushy and they will automatically be turned off by that.

Above all, don't worry too much about attracting them. Just be confident and go through life having fun for yourself.

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Your first step should be to dress up as a woman. Or a butch guy with short hair.

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a flanel? ..and a mullet?

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please let us know..

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I have been trying to answer this question myself since this past July. Here's my story. Some experiences or people change your life forever without even knowing they did. I met her in July. We stood in line at the bathroom and talked for what felt like a beautiful enternity. I felt myself strangely attracted to this person, butch lesbian, despite her gender as I have always considered myself straight. Or was it because of her gender? My world flipped. She was amazing. So real. So open about who she was and what she had been through. We talked for 15 mins and then returned back into our own lives. Before she turned to walk away I spontaneously reached out and gave her a huge hug. She giggled with happiness as she hugged me back. I have never forgotten a word she spoke and have spent the last 4 months, since that July 4th without success trying to find this connection. Of course it was not love as stated in my poem- how could it be in just 15mins. It was love towards the connection I felt with her. Over the last 4 months I questioned my attraction to her not because of her, no, she was completely amazing, but because HER- that being the interesting word for me in this senerio. I would give anything just to be in her presence one more time.

England’s Green Eyes

True love helps you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground when everything else is spinning round

And lifts you up so high you never want to come down

True love lifts your spirits when they are low and inspires you to believe in all the beauty you have to show

True love takes the time to appreciate the beauty behind your frown, never expecting you to shut your truest self down

True love happens in an instant 10 minutes or 2 and can disappear just as quickly and then missed wholeheartedly everyday after by you


True love can stand by your side come what may holding your hand into

another day

True love is the only thing that makes you want to stay

Oh how I miss those green eyes

and will for a long time

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Your question is attracting

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it depends on what kind your looking for if its a butch lesibian just look like a lady and show your interrested but if its a girl lesibian then wait for signs.

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