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Inasmuch as we are not privy to what irresponsible act got him incarcerated or the severity of the crime we can only assume that he is guilty.

However , he is more guilty in the sense that he has placed a different dynamic into your relationships that was not of your doing. The fact that you still care for him is laudatory but he is paying the price for his misdeeds but why should you have to pay as well.

I fear I may sound judgmental and do not wish to but it is hard for me to understand why you would abrogate six years of your life as a celibate for a man whose irresponsibly created a scenario that I assume you were not party to.

My advice is to go on with your life and pick it back up again if and when he is released. If it remains as strong as you think now, it will endure and be resurrected then.. If not , perhaps in the interim, you may find a better relationship, one where the man will offer a substantial happy life for you without crime as part of that environment..

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Hi! As a wife of a man who has been in prison for 5 1/2 years here are some real pointers.

1. Don't put yourself in situations where you might be tempted. In other not invite any hotties over to your house or go to theirs.

2. If you go out with the girls...don't shave. Nothing keeps a girls pants up like a forest of hair.

3. Invest in sex toys.

4. Make sure you put a little money on the phone so he can call and you can have phone sex. It sounds silly but the fact is that even 15 minutes of hearing how much you want each other can ease the pain of the distance.

5. If he's worth the wait then the wait won't kill you.

6. If you ever need to talk just holler at me. Ii know how hard it can be and I'm here if you need a shoulder or an ear.

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You are either the type of woman that can...or the type that can't....It's about your character...

That said....He kind of commited the deal-breaker, by landing in prison....Even if he gets good behavior, he's in there a while....and unless it's because he's a journalist, who won't reveal his source (highly doubt it)...he wasn't thinking too much about you, or your relationship, when he made the choice to break the law...

But, if, while he's in there, you find yourself unable to be the decent thing, and divorce him first....don't cheat on him...No one deserves that.

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It will take a lot of commitment on both parts if he is locked up that long. (not as if there is a short term in prison)

You can talk about fidelity and the such with him. Believe it or not many men just let their girlfriend/wife etc just be free while they are locked up. No worries, no strings. Discuss that option if you think he is open to it.

I have many friends in prison, and some (not all) have similar arrangements. It is only fair to the woman. She should not be punished for his **** up. Though, if you want to remain faithful, it is commendable. Good luck to you.

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Wow you have six years without a guy to worry about....

embrace the time and get a hobby!

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hmmm... you might think about what your hubby will do to you when he gets out if he finds that you were unfaithful.... just a thought.

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Honey just by you asking this question is letting me know you are not looking for just any answer, you are looking for an excuse. Being human, we all fall short and weak, but you made a commitment to him, and how you honor this commitment is going to let you know alot about you and your marriage, and what you married for. Every one is different this is just my view. Try focusing on something that will make you extremly happy, a hobby or goals until he comes out. Hope it all works out for the both of you.

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Your already setting yourself up for failure. The "being human" part of your question is going to be your excuse. There are plenty of examples of "Humans" going without human contact for six years. Although it's not commen, it's far from impossible. Sexuall energy can be "diverted" or used in another direction. You can be creative, you can have very fullfilling relationships that do not include a genital component.

How would you live if your sexual organ where removed? Given your question, you believe you would be less than human.

Your humanity lies in your soul, in your heart...and not just between your legs.

Rethink your question...or not.

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First of all, just how "human" is he being?

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Stay strong and most of all busy. Have fun reading or find a good hobby. Satisfy yourself. How long will he be gone?

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you dont

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you know your self better.. now the question should be that " how can you be faithful to yourself"

.. your Hubby in prison so its your taste.. and you should pass it..

Best of luck..

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