Guys I need your help! I just started to get to know this girl but I can't seem to get passed small talk with her :( She's from another website for writing and I tried to flirt and I know for a fact she's bi but she slightly flirted back but I just am curious how to get her attention? Any help please??
brooklyn18 brooklyn18 16-17, F 3 Answers Mar 18 in Dating & Relationships

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Just tell her that you two like each other. It's how it works with women. They are so submissive that you got to inform them that you are dating. Many wont even question that, all they need is a leader. You can spank em, humiliate them, disrespect them and they will stay if you keep repeating to them that you love them once in a while. Almost all women are the same, so I suggest you just inform her and be a leader.

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Ask her.

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