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While you are eating her, and after she has had a few *******, try ******* her for a bit and gauge her reaction. If she likes it, she MAY be open to more, but it will be something you have to ask her.

Try some hints, or **** to open the topic.

Anal toys may be the way to start. In time this will gently stretch the muscles and make things more comfortable for her. ******* and fingering (WTH LUBE) will help get her more excited about trying anal sex.

Something to consider: The more ******* a woman has, the lower her reservations are about experimenting. With guys it lowers with the more we have ... so keep that in mind when you go down on her.

IF she is willing to try, make sure you have LOTS of lube. Go slow and be gentle. ****** have the pros .. they dont show the beginners.

I would start with eating a LOT of ***** ... keep her ******* and then just touch her anus. Maybe use a knuckle from a finger you are not using, and just apply a small amount of pressure against her anus. DO NOT try to insert your finger, just massage it. Women have THOUSANDS of nerve endings in this area where men have a few just at the base of the head of our penis.

IF she jumps or pushes your hand away ... do not pursue. She may be open to this but may not be ready.

You REALLY have to put her first in this matter. Anal sex is a HUGE taboo and for some it is just NOT a subject for discussion. That doesnt mean it is out for you, you just have to "tease" her a bit so that she will wonder "What if ....."

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Buy her a strap on and let her peg you 10 or 20 times. Explain to her how good it feels, how much you enjoy it and why she might like it. Let me know how that works for you

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Oops sorry wrong hole!

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Loads of lube and reasure her. Maybe try a few toys first.

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