I had to copy and paste my resume from word perfect to microsoft word. Well, now there are three extra blank pages. So when I go to print, it will print out my resume, but then it will make three blank pages come out too. How do I get rid of those three extra pages?
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(1) Place the mouse cursor at the bottom of the last page and press BACKSPACE until it reaches the last full stop of your last text page. This will erase the added pages from your document file. Re-save. Then you can print.


(2) When you print, specify three fewer pages than the whole document to print.

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Throw them away after you print them. (sorry, couldn't resist)

Do what Waiwera said, also it might be that the margins are set wider than the printable page.

You can see the hidden characters that make new lines if you turn on that option on. Find the thing in the toolbar that looks like backward P (ΒΆ) and click it to toggle on/off the showing of those hidden characters.

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Make sure the cursor flashy thing is on the top line and press delete

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Wow, the first answer resolved your question!

YEA Waiwera! You're the hero of the day!

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