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Skur Skur 36-40, F 1 Answer Mar 30, 2013 in Community

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If hubby is in bed , lay your head down between his legs , place his **** into your mouth and gently suckle on it , as a calming influence to that extreme libido of yours. BTW - make sure you have had nasty Olympic sex with him just prior to this............. and if hubby is working , ********** in every room in the house prior to going to bed and then read - Walden by Henry David Thoreau. Not a single reference to body parts or fantasies......... it will dull even your electric sexations quickly...... I have another suggestion but it's not related to the question , so it will refrain from adding it as an option ;)

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Well, I'm intrigued now.

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..... :) and thats the way I like it...........

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