I've been really depressed and it seems that it made my mom mad and now she is always in a bad mood and making me miserable. I try to be happy because I think I'm on my way to coming out of this depression, but my mom's mood just beats me down. She's always snapping at me and my dad, I just want to make her happy without so much added stress. Please help me, I want to be happy this summer.
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SHe could be going through menopause.

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This is either a joke, or you aren't the age you claim to be..

If you aren't 70+, like you claim to be, and you're really a younger kid....then, I'd say this.....It's up to your mom, to make your mom happy...not you.....

Your job is to respect her, and do as she asks....beyond that, it's out of your control.

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Oh well hello there!

I go through that every now and then...

Too many independent women in the house thats what you get.

Best way is to give her your time! chat to her about her favourite things, or familiar grounds like family gossip, finances news about friends she knows. Reel her into conversations and yes like they said treat her well. Give her some LOVE theres a little girl inside everyone female no matter how old! Get hold of that little girl and you've got your girl too! And show her youve got hold of your life! like wake up early and blah blah... it works wonder! :S

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If I were your mom, I would be so surprised if in the morning I see my daughter preparing the breakfast for the family, which I usually did everyday. A small piece of paper that tells your thinking such as " It seems I have hurted you from my depression much. I am so sorry that it has affected to you until now...."tell what you think. remember to put her favourite flower on the paper. Be with her anytime you can.

That is all thing I would do if I were you

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Just love and RESPECT her.

She could always use a hand with the dishes or hanging washing.

Make her a cup of tea and have her sit and watch her favorite show.

Mothers don't need a lot.....but they do need you to SHOW them they are not slaves .

Cook dinner ...give her the night off

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Forget about it, you can't make her happy. Just treat her as you ought to, and don't do anything to make it worse; that's all you can do. Just don't let her drag you down with her.

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It sounds like she is having her own problems/issues. All I can promise you with utmost certainty, is that YOU CANNOT MAKE HER HAPPY. You are NOT responsible for anyone's emotions but your own. I don't mean that to be harsh, but it's a lesson I've had to learn the hard way myself--and I still have to tell myself all the time.

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Depression is a family story, youngsters feel they started it, when they just inherited it. Your happiness could even hurt your family, as if you betrayed them.

You know better what makes your mom smile, the best way to love someone is to help them open the door to their own dreams.

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Well, All I can say is that, I understood the hard way, No matter what, your mother will always be there for you. That's a bond that will never be broken.

So yeah, talk to her.

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I hope that you are able to confide in your dad and, together, communicate with your mom to reach a solution.

Gosh I REALLY wish I had good advice for you because I went through such a similar thing in High School. Ended up moving out at 18 and haven't even spoken to my family more than a handful of times since.

Communicate communicate communicate. I know I wasn't able to but I am thinking the best thoughts towards you and your family!

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