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The look.... of love.... is in his eyes...

The look... his smile... can't disguise

His look... of love

Is saying so much more

Than words could ever say

And what your heart has heard

Will take your breath away

He'll have... the look... of love

Its on... his face

A look... that time... can't erase

He can hardly wait to hold you

Feel his arms around you....

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Chances are that he doesn't know any more than you do. Men are simple creatures. Sometimes we get hungry. Sometimes we get horny. In between those times there really isn't a whole lot going on upstairs.

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Listen to your heart.

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Humans have the ability to lie with out flinching.

So in short you just don't know.

Trying to hard to find out the truth, may put him off altogether.

So just accept what life provides you.... some good with the bad.

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You need to ask him!! sounds like it's time for him to MAN UP and be a dad and a hubby.... sounds like he needs a good slap upside his head and told to grow up!!!

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Sad to say, dear, it doesn't look too hopeful that he does, from the sound of it.

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Too little info to answer this question.

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