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Okay ... My ex and I was hanging out since we didn't do it after the fact we broke up.. While we was hanging out at his place and we began playing the question game I felt like he was throwing flirting signals at me.. But I am unsure .. The only signs I had was that when we was laying next to each other we was acting goofy n a cute way ( touching each other, cuddling, talking about our"past" relationship and a lot of eye contact.) but right now I am confused about the situation.
supascropio supascropio 22-25, F 6 Answers Mar 17, 2012

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It takes two to flirt, Hon. A guy can't continue flirting when a girl doesn't reciprocate. Makes him feel little. So, when you two were cuddling, touching, and talking about your "past" relationship, it was simply a manifestation of the feelings you two still have for each other. Re-evaluate why you broke up in the first place. How long has it been since you've broken up? I know for a FACT that you can't break up with someone and still see them to "catch-up" at different times for after a YEAR! A break-up means just that- BREAK-UP. But back to your question. I for one think that the both of you were flirting. It's obvious neither of you are over each other, and want to be together, but only in a convenient way, when you're both feeling like having fun. You need to decide if you're together or not, If you are, then I say carry on! :-) But if not, you both need to set boundaries on how much you actually see each other, not to mention touching or cuddling. This will save you a lot of confusion and wondering on whether or not "he's flirting with you", because for a guy, I think I can safely say that flirting might sometime mean "I'm interested in you."

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Major Flirtation happennin

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What's flirting?

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