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He told me he was going to the movies but he didn't want to tell me with who. I asked him if it was this girl in particular&he denied it. But in her profile she had posted a picture of them two entitled �me and my boyfriend� and the date of the movies which is supposively the day they started going out. I ask her about it & she admits they're going out. he doesnt even try calling me. Two months later, we start talking again. He admits they DID go to the movies together. He tells me the girl just did the whole profile thing cause she liked him a lot. He was mad cause he says I should�ve asked HIM not her and that I should�ve trusted him. He also says I talked bad about him on some messages I exchanged with her& that it was those horrible words that led him into going out with her after reading them. But all I called him was a liar.! Do you think she changed up the words on the messages on myspace to make me look bad? Is that even possible? Help!
5 Answers Jul 16, 2009

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I am not too sure why you are even bothering. He obviously went out with her because HE liked her. Now he sees that you were hurt, he was in the wrong, so like many narrow minded cowards he is trying to place blame on you and make you feel like you were somehow the root cause of his misbehaviours.<br />
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Girl, if I were you I would run, RUN far away from this pla<x>yer, he is just going to cause you a lot of heart ache and be a HUGE waste of your time. He sounds really inconsiderate, untrustworthy and deceitful. STAY FAR AWAY!

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idk why this question came out anonymous<br />
but if you do have any comments...comment the one posted by me<br />
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-fruitypebbles22<br />
&thanx lots for helping

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Well said Lost, well said.

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