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Sex is for producing children,not just for fun,finish your studies first,you can't serve two kings at once

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StayStrong, that is an excellent question to ask, and I wish more kids your age asked it before taking the plunge.

Get to know yourself first.

I know, you've probably heard that before, but think about it. Sex is not just about the "big O" as you may have heard it called. It's also about emotional connection with another so deep you can't put it into words (especially when there is mutual pleasure given), and once those intimate bonds are made, it can be very tough to deal when/if the other person breaks it off with you.

You are smart enough to ask the question, so I trust you are smart enough to understand my lengthy answer. :-)

From my personal, spiritual standpoint, what many folks of ANY age don't realize is that the act of sex, or making love, if you prefer (I do admit it's more romantic to say that than "intercourse.") is not just a physical act, but it joins the pair of you on higher, unseen levels, especially if you and the guy you want to be with are as in sync as possible. Again, this is why it hurts so bad inside after you've had many romantic, bedroom encounters where mutual pleasure was given and received in the highest level of love possible--and then something goes wrong with the relationship somehow. I say this not to scare you at all, but inform you.

Which is why I highly recommend you know yourself first. Know what kind of guy you want (or girl, if you have that orientation). Know yourself so well that you can determine when YOU want to get with a guy that way. Be in total control of yourself. Do not allow what your companions are doing to influence your choices. And if you decide that they're going too far, too fast and it's not for you, and they rag on you and call you names for it, then with friends like that, who needs enemies, huh? :-)

Also, educate yourself on the whole safe sex thing. Because that is also going to help you answer your own question. STDs (including HIV) and those who have them can tell a cautionary tale.

As I've told other people: life is a journey, and you, my friend, are pretty much just starting. I'm starting my own new journey--and I'm 34. (I don't feel like I should be 34, though. I remember MY high school days like they were last month!)

But I am glad you are starting your journey with a crazy-good question! :-D

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there are way too many things to consider, than can all be listed on here. I have taken some psychology classes, and it depends on age, emotional intelligence and security. If u have any ?'s u can inbox me if u want

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Thanks !(:

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