It will only be a long distance relationship for a year. I'm in love. He loves me too. We talk a lot. Things are going good right now :) Don't tell me to not be in it because they never work. I only want advice on how I can make it last until next summer, thanks :)
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Good lawdy, I have been there...its hard but I think the secret is to continue each day as you are with your love, honor and respect them in all you do. Keep communication as much as possible, whether its a call, text, or email...and be honest about what you're feeling to them. Next summer will be here before you know it and hopefully you two will make it :)

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Nice :)

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Have fun with it. Dont treat your long distance relationship as if its a sentence that was handed to you. Continue to be flirty and playful over the phone, send sexy texts and emails and even snail mail. Go back to romancing each other. There will be days when the loneliness will bring out insecurities. Its ok to voice whats on your mind but dont allow it to create problems that you know arent there. Be smart about how spend what little time you spend together. Dont let arguments or disagreements linger on. Discuss, resolve and move on. Always let him know that hes constantly on your mind, that you miss him and that you love him. I ended up marrying the first guy I had a long distance relationship with. We spent 22 years together.

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Communication is key..

Don't worry if he isn't on for a day or so.

Don't bother him every hour of every day.

Share the things you did that day, or what you plan to do in the coming days. It helps make you both feel as if you were there, in my experience at least.

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As long as your happy dont let any one talk you out of it.

Just open communication and being honest with him id say would be key

find cute things that you can do for each other, put pen to paper and write proper letters, do heart felt stuff :) and good luck x

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always keep it up :)

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