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I'm having problems finding a guy who is not intimidated by me. I'm a 27 yr old woman who has a great job, nice vehicle and I own my house. Im extremely independent out of necessity. Many guys seem to think they don't have much to offer me. Atleast the ones where I live. Any ideas how I can make it easier and still make the next person I date feel that I need them. I can't really quit my job and sell my house just to make someone feel needed.
Orcha Orcha 26-30, F 6 Answers Feb 8, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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I don't think men find independent women intimidating. I think they have more liking for strong females. Perhaps it's the way you come off? Or the type of guys you date? I'm a very successful career woman. Incredible job, bought my home in cash. Own 4 cars. Never had a problem finding fact I prefer to be single. Maybe there's more to it?

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I wouldn't go as far as selling your house, car & quitting your job. As much as the whole 'don't keep secrets from your partner' saying goes, maybe just don't mention how well off you are until you really get to know the person and you know they'll understand?

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if someone doesnt accept u for who u are, theres no reason to worry about trying to please them, theyre not worth it.

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