im going to high school and im in marching band.i dont know ANYONE.Its like everyone already has there little clique wich is wierd cuz its marching band; isnt that kinda one on its own? Anyways i dont know how 2 make friends.I tried talking 2 someone 2day......FAIL.I just dont know what to do.
xolovestruck86ox xolovestruck86ox 13-15, F 6 Answers Aug 2, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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well you could try offering them some cash money,,,,,

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Get out of your comfort zone be outgoing and open minded just be yourself really :)

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Keep doing the things you enjoy. Soon, people will notice you and your talent will open doors to new friendships. Try also getting involved in new interests/hobbies. It will take a some time, I'm sorry to say, but once you have the first few genuine laughs with someone, you'll find you have a new friend. ;-) Best wishes with the new school.

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