So i like him and i think he likes me. And we decided that our friend looks like Draco Malfoy. We tease him and tell him that were gonna dress him up. Well i was watching a My Chemical Romance video and i took one look at Gerard Way and went oh my god it looks like the guy i like. I mentioned it to my other friend and she went online and bought the jacket and i did not ask her too. But now he has to play dress up and i dont know how to tell him without coming off as creepy.
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Hahaha good luck on not seeming creepy! From the outside (my point of view here) it seems like fun, and a compliment. But I've had women say I should wear something to look a certain way and I absolutely refused.

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In my mind its just some harmless fun. I would only expect him to do it once and i would never expect him to do it again.

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