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just cry until you'll stop..remove all accumulated pain you will be better ..

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awwww whats wrong :(? its okay to let your emotions spill out when your going through a depressing time, take a deep breath, relax,dance or picture something really pretty in your mind.

i think you should talk to your parents or a very close friend, or you can talk to me,,;)

i hope you feel better soon, let me know how your doing k

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Take a deep breathe. Try to express your feelings in a different matter. Write it on a piece of paper and chuck it in a river or even in your bin! Think positive and play your favourite music. Dance and have a laugh watch tv and chill. Make yourself tea or coffee. Or just go to bed and relax there. Don't cry it's the worst thing and it doesn't help your problem.

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I'm home for the rest of the day. I have daughters close to your age. I'll let you adopt me for a while. Drop me a message if you wish.

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