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Keep the ring and pawn it buy yourself a break-up present.

Get a new mobile number

Move address if at all possible

Have a close friend monitor you so you don't get tempted to call him.

Let them get you some ice-cream when you cry

Put energy into your career

Join a hobby group you've always been interested in

Fill up your schedule

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There are so many roads to take . . . if you are a vengeful type of person - I would track down some one of his better looking friends and give them a night to remember, and make sure that your ex finds out - that always gets things going - if you are more of a nice / vengeful person posting his picture / email in the m4m section of craigslist is always a good time or just go out and get all kinds of shitfaced - ultimately the only thing that will get you passed this is for you to feel sexy again and go and get laid!

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Strength and conviction in your belief that you shape your own destiny.

Be happy on your own terms, then tell him his schizophrenic decision making is unpredictable and not condusive to your happiness!

He's just playing with you because he may be using you to test the waters of "what if"...

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

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Since he seems to have moved on, I guess the only thing to do is to follow his example.

I really don't think you would be happy with someone who doesn't feel they love you; so recognise that being "free" of him now is the best place to be, and see if you can attract a more suitable mate. Or get to know Who You Really Are inside, then you won't need to depend upon having a mate.

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Wow. That is extremely tough. But if he has left you have to just pick yourself up off the floor and move onward and upward. He made a choice and you now have to choose something good for you. Good luck!!

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