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My wife does everything she can to not have any kind of physical contact. Yesterday when we had a couple of hours free for some VERY much needed sex, she said she was on her period. This was a blatant lie, I know her periods more than her and I'm in charge of the trash. It's been about a week. A WEEK. That's not even the half of it. When I DO get physical contact it's like she's a five year old who was told to do some boring task. COMPLETELY not into it, and she'll find a way to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. I need this to stop. I need intimacy. I've been quite clear about that from the very beginning. How do I let her know how serious I am?
JTjustice JTjustice 31-35, M 4 Answers Nov 18, 2012

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Why even post then jackass?

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Divorce (you always can remarry)

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