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live today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today

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Recognise and acknowledge where you are at - how you feel, what you are thinking about. Recognise and acknowledge all you have been through in the past - you don't have to do this bit all at once - take it one step at a time, one problem at a time, one memory at a time.

Then forgive yourself - you are only human, we all make mistakes, ALL of us. We all have missing skills and gaps in our knowledge. All of us are doing the best we can with what we have, and trying to learn the rest as we go.

Look after yourself. Eat right, exercise a decent amount, sleep and rest as well as you can. Encourage good things in your life - do things you enjoy, listen to music you enjoy, watch movies you enjoy, talk to people you enjoy being with.

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LET GO! Let go of your past, your ideas of the past and any false identities that may be due to it. LEt go to what people say or have done to you. Let go of the need to relive these experiences again. Thank them for teaching you what you needed to learn to get to where you are now and let them go. Move forward.

BE PRESENT! Look at the world around you this very second, bustling with life, humming with the joy of being. Take a deep breath, realize that in this moment, you are safe, loved and protected. KNOW that everything is as it should be. Allow yourself to be who you truly are, every moment without fear. The only true power any of us have is in the now, not in memories of our past or fantasies of our future.

LIGHTEN UP! Find the light again, inside yourself. The spark that makes you specifically and specially you. No one else can be you, you must be the best you there is!!

LOVE! Even when you don't feel like it. Find things to love about yourself and others. This gets easier over time.

Be love, be free and be happy because you are here, alive and able to change everything in a moment, just by thinking in a new way.

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i'm working on it too, if you figure it out before me let me know. right now all i got is medication and therapy and it helps a little, so if you don't have those i suggest you try them.

this is the message i'm getting from therapy:

it's all a matter of "mind over matter" if you don't mind then it doesn't matter.

so try to think about it not mattering and then you won't mind it.

load of bull crap if you ask me but i'm just desperate enough to try it.

best of luck on your journey to happyness!

the frog

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If you ever find out, let me know. I found this question by searching "being depressed about being depressed"

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Put it this way. If you had known better, you wouldnt have made the mistakes. You didnt know better. Do you make a child guilty for putting his hand on a stove before he knows its gonna hurt? No. So why beat yourself up now. If you feel guilty, it means you know better now, so forgive yourself.

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Could've ,would've ,should've .Past tense just move on, Its up to you .

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at todays depression, say to yourself "i've done this before, i know what it is like,i don't want it and i reject it" and go do SOMETHING that occupies your mind for a while.

at yesterdays mistakes, simply accept for yourself and yourself alone "i did what i did at that time based on who i was and how i thought right then at that time, even though i think differently today and would do differently today. it was who i was at that moment and time"

then take pride in your ability to reflect and alter, for a better you.

that alone is a reason for celebration.

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Plan your future well and have something to look forward to, and always think of the positives in life in contrast to the negatives- though I know it's hard ><

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