I don't want to go to college. My parents want me to get this big degree and I just want to be a mom and wife I ahave always only ever wanted to do that. how do I tell them my life plans don't match their plans for me? I am married and have lived on my own and supported myself for 3 years We have a good life together. they pull a guilt trip on me best my dad has cancer thathe got in the veitnam and He did paper work for me and my siblings to go to school. I am the youngest and no one has went to college yet now all the pressure is on me!
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do you have children already?

If not ... once you have some ..... they will be able to see how happy you are at home raising your kids...

its sad but the feminist movement has really undone a lot for women who just want to be a housewife and raise their families.

Personally I too would love to be a housewife.... sans children however.

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Just do it! You have to live your life, they had their chance at theirs!

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College is the lifelong dream of your family. It would mean the world to them and make their life complete. Why not go to college and better yourself. Not only will you mature, get much smarter and better prepare yourself to be successful, meet better people, make more money and be better able to support your new family.

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tell them you want be a octa mom.that way when they hit you in the lips you won't feel it

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The fact that you are asking this question pretty clearly demonstrates that you are not ready to start a family of your own. If you were an independent and mature adult, you would simply sit down with your parents, tell them of your decision and your plan, and give them your rationale. You would let them know that you are are telling them out of love and respect but that you are not seeking their permission or approval. You would refuse to argue or debate the matter.

If you cannot talk with your parents on the basis of being adults and equals, how do you expect to be able to run a family, satisfy a husband, and successfully raise healthy children to adulthood. remember, as a parent you are making a commitment to your children that you will love, them, support, them, and teach them for about the next 18 to 20+ years. You are dedicating yourself to always doing what is right for your children, even if it is not what you "want."

Are you receiving any kind of financial support from your parents or are you living in their home? If the answer is yes, then you need to move out and prove to yourself and to them that you are capable of supporting yourself as an independent adult who is worthy of the respect of your parents. You seem to have an attitude that they are tying to force you into doing something horrible against your wishes, but all they are trying to do is what they believe will give you the most benefit in the future.

What is you plan if you marry, get pregnant, and your husband gets run over and killed by a runaway bus? How will you support yourself and your children?

Do you believe that cleaning bathrooms or working at McDonald's will be fun? If you do, you obviously haven't done either. Sure, going to college is hard work, but it is one hell of a lot easier than earning a decent living without a college degree. You need to give serious consideration to your situation, your plan, and the consequences of that plan. The path you are on is one that is likely to lead you to a really crappy life in the future if you are unluckly or not very careful.

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I went through the exact same thing. I had A's in every class, but I hated college. I wrote them a letter explaining myself, dropped out of college, and now I'm engaged. :)

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just tell 'em straight up & if they dont like it tell 'em to go **** themselves cuz they can't FORCE you to go if you dont want to... i assume you're an adult so i also assume you can make your own decisions

if you dont wanna be a ***** about it just say "i'll handle my business and you handle yours"

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I think you can only tell them straight up. They won't be happy but just let it be known that this is what you want and what will make you happy.

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