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been out of work two yrs, lost my job over two hip surgeries, i was in a resort and they wouldnt let me do sit down work so i had to leave and later had a knee one, my friend likes to be controlling, like when i left my job i told her i wanted to go to this christian shelter and she said i wont let you, its not safe and i'll pay your rent, i ended up with hud housing, now someone is real interested in me and wants me for a live in nanny with a 6 wk old boy, i know my friend thinks im too stupid to do it but im actually good with babies and little kids, i cant just not tell her cause ive been borrowing her furniture so she will need to come get it so its not like i can just leave, i still wonder what that shelter wouldve been like and i know i couldve gotten disability faster for staying in one, i dont qualify for it and been living on 0 income for 2 yrs so i want to take this job, so how do i get her to stay out of my business and let me do what i need to do? any suggestions?
lederman lederman 51-55, F 2 Answers Feb 26, 2014 in Community

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Put on your big girl panties, tell her you are taking the job, and she needs to come get her stuff. <br />
If she prevented you from getting disability that you were entitled to and needed, she didn't do you any favors by loaning you some furniture.

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youre right, she prevented me from getting ssi by keeping me away from the shelter where i couldve gotten it faster for being homeless

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Tell her you appreciate her past help and you feel you need to do this for you

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