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I am 13 and I have been out to everyone except my family I am really scared to tell them how could I tell the straight up if you have and answer text me 2762248027 or post it below
babygirlabdl babygirlabdl 13-15, F 4 Answers May 13 in LGBT

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Too early to tell, better take your time to be certain ( Me ex thought she was bi ,but she reached 23 she was like nope, I don't enjoy girls).

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first, dont put your number on the internet, lol you never know who will try to text or call you ( pervs), um I dont think you need to tell them right now, just keep it to yourself for now, I am not saying you arent bi , but it could be just a phase too.

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Why must you tell them? That's a very personal subject...

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