This is to change your avatar (your profile pic, which I *think* is what you want. If not, then there isn’t enough info here. Anyway … to put an avatar (Profile Pic) onto your Profile:<br />
<br />
Click on your username up at the top right<br />
(you will be on your Profile page)<br />
Click on <b>Change Profile Pic</b><br />
(scroll down to where you see <b>Logo</b>; just below that you will see an empty oblong box with the word <b>Browse</b> at the side of it)<br />
Click on <b>Browse</b>.<br />
(It will open your file folder and from there you will have to navigate to where you have the Pic you want to use. The *best* place is to have it stored in you’re My Pictures folder, so navigate your way there and locate the Pic you want to use.<br />
Click on the Pic you want to use.<br />
Click on<b> Open</b><br />
(The pic location will then be shown in the box next to the word <b>Browse</b>.)<br />
Scroll down the page to near the bottom<br />
Locate the Orange ‘<b>Save</b>’ button<br />
Click on it …<br />
You’re done<br />
<br />

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