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smoke weed if it legal in ur state as medicine maybe?

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My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer, and I remember the excrutiating pain she experienced. She would have me rub her back from the middle to the base of her spine as hard as I could for hours on end.

Eliminate all fatty foods and those with high amounts of sugar from your diet. Be careful with raw vegetables as well, as the enzyme production in your pancreas (amalayse and protenase) aren't as productive when you have this condition. Bland foods are best..jello, white fish and things like that. Pycnogenal also seems to help. You can get Pynogenal at a health food store. Anything with shark cartilage is supposed to be helpful as well.

So much has advanced in terms of longevity of those suffering pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Diet, low stress and exercise is crucial. The exercise is important for the production of endorphins to help alleviate the depression that often accompanies the chronic pain of pancreatic pain.

I am not a diet, but have seen improvement when one's lifestyle is improved. Good luck to you.

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