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Okay, so my best friend and boyfriend got into a fight about a month ago because I went out with my friend with no money after telling my boyfriend I couldn't go out with him the night before because of that same reason. (He had a right to be annoyed at me and we're all good so that's not the issue here..) I voiced to my friend that my bf was angry at me for just being out (which at the time I thought was the reason he was mad) Anyways, the situation escalated with my friend abusing my boyfriend through multiple text messages about how he treats me badly (which he doesn't) and all this other ****, while ignoring my pleas to stop and leave it alone. Of course he stood up for himself and flung a few retorts back and it got real messy. The night ended in me walking off multiple times bawling and yet it wasn't til 3am in the morn she clicked that it was upsetting me. Now everythings awkward and they're both being stubborn and she's especially being pigheaded and it's all screwed up. HELP!!
LibranGirl LibranGirl 26-30, F 3 Answers Oct 16, 2012 in Struggles

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Smash their heads together and tell them to grow up.

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go shopping until it's done...

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