i am a girl who has never told someone that i love them first.. in my past relationships the guy has been the one to tell me he loves me first. but im gonna explode if i don't tell him,, and i'm a very shy person when it comes to stuff like that...
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i am dating this guy and we liked each other the whole school year and i went out with a different guy and he was a complete jerk that's when i realized i loved him but i was shy and never let it show and now i regret doing that but now were together and he makes me so happy. so just go for it because yes there's a risk of being hurt but there's also a chance that they could love u back and if u truly love them then that's a risk u should take speaking from personal experience its better to wounder why then what if. so go for it and good luck! i wish to u the best!!! :)

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write it .... .you might just be better at expressing yourself through words... plus it can be romantic... i dated a guy once and he met me when i was working in a shop and everytime he would come in he would get super nervous and rush out never talk to me... then he started leaving little notes on my car like a secret admire type thing.. finally he came into my job like after 2 months of this and grabed me by my hand took me out to where my car was and it was covered with flowers and had my fav flowers inside of my car... on the seats on the floor of my car and even in my glove box and trunk... he had gotten my girlfriends from work to take my car keys from the lockers and helped him decorate my car.... ( he knew one of the girls i worked with so he wasnt a crazy person or anything )

then he finally said " look i like you and i just get nervous but i really like you"

we dated for two years.... and he was very romantic.... only problem was that he was a mama's boy... to a fault. and his mother hated me

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"I love you" is generally said too early in relationships to have much meaning.

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I meant my wife through an ad in a magazine. Nine months later we owned a house and we were married. Long story I will not tell here. I was very shy and at 30 years old I had not done much dating. God gave me a gift. We have been married over 28 year.

When two people love each other, every thing seems to come together. I do not remember being fearful of telling my wife that I love her the first time. I told her I love her after a long kiss on the steps going upstairs in her apartment. She told me she loved me and it was a golden moment.

Love can break your heart. You may be fearful that he does not love you. You have to tell him how you feel. If he does not feel the same way he may tell you. He may be waiting to hear it from you first.

Just do it. Tell him in you love him and see what happens.

True romantic love is a feeling that you can not repress. You must express it.

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through actions...u can tell someone u love a million times and it wouldnt mean ne thing unless u show it...I mean..u know buying flowers nd all those little things it all counts...if you really loved that person Im sure they already know....I dont know write a poem for her /him or something...that'll be cute...whatever floats ur boat

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Hey girl!

I know exactly how you feel. This hapeened to me with my last, last boy friend. You might be shy (as I am), but if you feel strongly about it, don't hold back and wait. You can be all cutesy about it and give him flowers, or a card, or candy, or something like that, but I would tell him face to face. Even if it takes you a few minutes. It's going to be more romantic, more loving, more careing, more exciting, more everything and when you say it your going to feel so special and amazing! Don't hold back girl! You got this! You can do it, believe and go for it!

Good luck and much love,


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Do something non-verbal, and make sure you don't have a choice about showing how you feel. Like if you are a guy, bring flowers, and bring them with you. So you can't puss out, and leave them in the car. Write a letter, and follow through on delivery. Either actually send one, or walk up with it in plain sight ( Dn't hold it out as you walk up). Or, do something away from them, like a letter, explaining. then do it when you o feel courageous. Just make sure you can't interfere with the delivery. Sounds like maybe you're lacking in self-esteem. Time to man up, son.

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There are two was to go about this-

First non-verbal- treat them as if you love them

And second is verbal- If you feel that he loves you too and if you really mean it than just say it.

I was always a shy girl too and I always waited for the guy to say it first, then after I met my now husband and I knew that I loved him and I felt that he loved me too, I just said it first, he felt it too but was scared to freak me out by saying it. Things are still going great for us and just remember he may be scared of what he is feeling too- Love is scary and difficult but oh so wonderful. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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tell them if you are going to explodejust walk up to them and tell them!

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