I wanted to fit that all in the question, and it begs of more details. This is a question, I am asking now, but it was not my question, it was from someone else, and although, I often think I need to use my own words to ask, certain ones', this one is really deep, in me, as well, they just had the words, I longed to find. Sometimes, I find my hope, in another's words, b/c this one question, just about asked it best. The problem for me, is that the "real" answer lies with-in me, but also needs someone, others', at times, to just try and offer their view of it. Not enabling, but if I dare to ask, what is your own experience, with this one? What do you do, when the "inhumane" becomes seen as "human" and the injustice takes precedent, in real life? When anger and ignorance seem to come and attack you, when you need the most empathy? Some of this gets cast off on "lack of understanding" or on "justifying anger". Any advice, is helpful.
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I think who and what we are is a combination of our reactions to all of the things you mentioned .

As we all know.. our reactions will all be different based on our belief and moral systems...

That is how we all grow up to be different individuals.

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DNA is the basic. Your parents and surroundings while you go through life experiences is another.

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It is vital to self-understanding and spiritual growth to sit with ourselves, without any outside distractions, and learn to watch ourselves think. In that way, we can see that what angers us defines our values, and what makes us sad are issues that require healing in ourselves, what brings us joy is what nurtures our soul, what frustrates us is what we need to overcome, and what intrigues us is what we need to study next. The Great What Is walks that journey with us, and answers questions often in unique and unexpected ways (nobody walks their spiritual path alone although sometimes it feels like it).

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Every experience, of every moment, of our lives, incorporated and blended, into all others lives.that we have touched, and those who have touched ours..isn't this, how deep, your feelings, are? In times like we are in now, and what may lay, in our futures, all of us are blended together, already...

now, ain't we???

i try to look at alll of the good, as there is much good, out there....this is what I believe in...


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