You are "friends", and you see your crush paying attention to someone else. Do you pretend that it doesn't bother you? Or do you end up saying something that makes you feel foolish later? I know someone that made some strange comments. I think it might be out of jealousy, but I'm not sure. Hope this Q isn't too complicated to understand!
Vessa Vessa 41-45, F 3 Answers Sep 26, 2010

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I think jealousy is a dark force, so although I think it, I run from it, and act like I am not jealous when I feel like I am. I think I am a superior catch, so if a girl is interacting with me and she is also interacting with another guy, I will give her to the other guy to see how smart she is. If she goes with him she is stupid, if she goes with me, she is smart.

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Interesting approach.

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I just had to give up on being jealous, I know for me it was that I was insecure in who I was and it just hurt my relationships. I would always say some thing and then regret it because it just sounded so stupid later. I am not saying give up on your crush but reinforce with positive acts that shows you as a better person that to stoop to being like that.

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Actually, I'm thinking it's his crush.

Thank goodness, I'm not feeling that way- it's miserable.


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