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In the US, only a judge can issue a commitment order. There is a legal hearing in 7 days. This is where the patient can find out the details of the commitment order. The legal procedure involves 3 attorneys in a mediation setup. One attorney acts as the mediator, another as the public council and the third as the patient's council. As far as I can tell, they are all working for free (pro bono).

The police or the paramedics can be the requester, but that would be after some damage has been done.


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You cannot do that in the US or most countries. They have to choose or be a significant danger to themselves or others. Much easier to get them put in jail and hope they get committed from there. Criminally insane is the only non voluntary comitment I know of.

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Robin Pinaud put me in the hospital. I lost my job, and acquired huge hospital bills... it changed my life for the worse. "But what comes around, goes around."

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