So i just got a new supervisor at my job and she is sooo annoying because she keeps constantly trying to micromanage me and she can't even do her job right. Already am responsible for a department in my job that I am the only one handling right now and she always delegates extra work for me to do even when other people are occupied. My friend thinks I should go to her supervisor, but I really don't won't to have to take it that far, but she's driving me sooo crazy that I've thought of quitting and I actually enjoy my job and all of the other people I work with.
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Supervisors can have it rough because very few people actually tell them how to supervise. She probably has no idea she's causing you grief.

Write down your complaints. All of them. Sort them out, and tweak the language so they're 'political'. Sit her down, and make your case. Try not to insult her. Make your case, and propose some solutions. Talk out workload with her, and ask her ways that you can earn her trust so that she can lay off a little.

If she's never supervised before, she'll probably be kind of shocked by this and hopefully take it to heart. If it doesn't change her behaviour, then you go over her head.

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never quit ur job coz of her. u will find people like tat almost in every place u go if u r talented!

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Confront is perhaps too strong a word. It is a discussion that's needed. It is important in business to always make your position known in every situation (with both surbordinate and senior colleagues). If you don't air your view then the other person's behaviour will continue. For sensitive discussions use "i" rather than "you"statements to explain the situation e.g. I sometimes find it difficult to work effectively if....(fill in blank). That sounds less confrontational than you make it difficult for me to work when you...(fill in blank). If that does not work and you are SURE this person is going too far (rather than just being a firm boss), then you must raise it with her supervisor. Above all, do not be forced out of any job without a fight. Bullying and behaviour likely to lead to undue stress is a breach of employment law. Keep evidence of emails / minutes of meetings and discussions and if the worst comes to the worst you are armed to go for a full grievance. Again, don't ever be forced out of a job you love, without a fight. The law is on your side if the supervisor is going too far and if in the end it becomes absolutely unbearable make it clear you will seek legal advice. Good luck.

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In this day and age, that's her job to delegate extra work (because they've fired so many for downsizing).

Is she unreasonable?

Try to work with her, without seeming like you can't do your job.

Anytime.....Everytime you get a new superviser....things change.

Go with the flow, do your job best you can.

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Are you the only one she tries to micromanage? Think about it, its her JOB to do that. She must be doing something right. Otherwise she would be in your position.

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I have someone like that at my work too.

You could try talking to her about it and giving her the chance to change, but in my experience, people don't change that easily, especially when it's something fundamental in their personality. It would be a temporary fix at best, if it doesn't end up backfiring on you. Reporting her could also end up back firing as well.

Personally, the way I handle my own micro manager is I'm noticeably colder to her than I am to everyone else that I work with whenever she starts trying to micromanage me. I do what I'm told and I'm not rude or anything, I just don't smile and I don't exchange pleasantries, and I just let myself go cold. When she hasn't done any micro managing for a while, I reward her by slowly becoming nice towards her again.

I've noticed that she doesn't try to micromanage me anymore, though she still does it to others. We can work together now without my having to pull the cold act too often. I guess I'm being immature, but it worked for me, so whatever.

I like following people who I see as being worthy leaders, but micro managers who are incompetent and not worthy of being in command, I have little tolerance for. Micro managers are usually weak willed individuals who shouldn't be in a leadership position anyways. It's like playing alpha dog with them. You reward them when they acknowledge your dominance and its all good :)

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Dont worry about it. get do the tasks she ask you as long as it resonable. The hard part is that since she is already on your bad side it will be easier for you to pic out things that annoy you. Truthfully, as long as she is not abusing you, just let it go cuz the only one losing thier smile is you.

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could you confront her with what you said here. you "don't won't to have to take it that far" but "my friend thinks i should go to her/your supervisor" but i actually enjoy working with you but youre driving me crazy because you do this all the time?

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