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You don't deal with them.

People like that have no use in your life.

Life is too short to waste it on people you don't want to deal with.

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One persons definition of racism is different to yours or mine. For example, if I don't like a particular person at work because I think they're not a very nice person and they happen to be a different race from myself, people could jump on the racism card because I mustn't dislike someone of a different race from myself as it's racist.

Others are more realistic and put a more determined definition to what racism is.

For example, the Oxford Dictionary defines racism as; the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race.

To me personally, this is a poor definition of the word and I don't agree. For instance, people of an afro/carribean background are of dark skin, dark eyes and curly hair. According to Oxford, I am racist for making such a statement, as I have characterized personal traits specific to that race, even if it is a fact.

My personal definition of racism is a dislike of a particular race purely based on the fact their race is different from yours. So if I were to go on my own definition to answer your question, I wouldn't give anyone with this way of thinking the time of day!

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You mean like our current president

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I thought Auschwitz was closed now ?

Have they re-opened it ?

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I grew up in a small country town and many of the ppl there are racist, including my father. It's very hard to deal with ppl who have the beliefs like they have. The first thing you have to do is realize that chances are, they dont have these ideals with malicious intentions, it just that they were brought up to view people differently. I'm not making excuses and I know that just because they were raised that way, doesnt mean its right. Its just best to try and see things from their point of view before you expect them to see it from yours.

Changing them isnt always a possibility but altering the way they act and talk around you, is. Remind them that you dont view things the way that they do and that it offends you when they say negative things about peaple based on stereotypical logic. Let them know that you dont hate them and you arent mad at them because they feel a certain way but you are hurt that they are disrepectful to you and your beliefs when they act a certain way. Good luck and I hope that at the very least, you are able to be comfortable around these ppl.

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Try to reason with them....using that "if the shoe were on the other foot" logic.

But that doesn't often work because people who are racist usually have been indoctrinated or have a past that led up to that mentality. It can take time or a significant experience to get them to see clearly.

Sometimes you just have to stamp them with an "Ignorant" sign and move on.

Unless they are very dangerous....then you just have to get a hammer.

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If you believe in liberty and freedom then you celebrate their freedom to get their nose broken by the first Korean who hears their statement.

Ayn Rand said you can't have half a freedom, you are either free or a slave.

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Ignore them.

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walk away.

Best Answer can try to change their mind. I've tried that and it hasn't worked for me. The only thing I can do is to be myself. I try to stay away from negative people. I appreciate knowing that I am NOT experiencing the insecurity that I think is the basis for other people being racists.

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People can only change what they want to change. Someone who is racist is pretty unlikely to wake up one day thinking they should be more forgiving of the differences in others.

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turn your back on them and let that be a lesson to them!

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