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Beauty is the sensation of your heart skipping a beat,

when eyes full of mischief glance at you...

Beauty is the smile which appears on your lips, when you think of the way he smiles at you...

Beauty is in the heart which touches another

Beauty is tender hands holding each other

Beauty is strong arms holding you warm

Beauty is in water, beauty is in weather,

beauty is in air, beauty is in life

Beauty is in love, beauty is in wind...

Beauty surrounds you days and nights

yet no one knows beauty's heights...

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Thank you everybody who voted for my little ditty - *mwah*

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Looking at my newborn son and daughter is my definition of beauty. They are perfect little ones. EP Link

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Aww-w-w The new dad is on top of the world. I smile to all your fatherly expressions. Again congrats!!

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the eye of the beholder

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might sound like a cheesy cliche but to me the most beautiful people are the ones who take you for who you are, accept you good points, your bad points, make you feel happy, safe, secure & loved....the ones who make you smile, and especially 'the one' who makes your heart flutter..the one you want to live out your days with!

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Nature is beauty, beauty is nature!

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Beauty is something that delights you, something that gives you mind and heart peace.... Beauty is truth, love and courage.... Beauty is selflessness.... Beauty is Mom, Dad, Bro, sis - relations true at heart...... Beauty is friendship between souls... Beauty is silence - hearts talk, words have no use.........

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Anyone who keeps a good heart.

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Beauty is many, many things.

Beauty is the rising of the sun, and setting of the same.

The beautiful birds that are not only beautiful to look at, but who sing a beautiful symphony.

Beauty is the way the sun shines on the ocean where the reflection of the rays look like tinny little diamonds in the water.

The flowers, that are so beautiful to look at and the beautiful aroma they display

The mountains, the beaches, the lakes, water falls. All these things are BEAUTY-

But some of the most beautiful things about the definition of beauty are over looked and that's because they may not be too obvious to some, is this:

Beauty is also, giving up your needs for others who are more in need

Beauty is saving a life-

Beauty is loving your neighbor as you love yourself-

Beauty is giving up your life for your child(ren) and also giving up your life for a friend-

Beauty is doing the right thing. Truly doing the right thing-

Beauty is the love within itself that you feel for your child.

Beauty also what I am discovering is being grateful for what you do have, rather than complain about the things that you don't have. When one worries about what they don't have in their lives, they seem to over look what they do have.

Beauty is being thankful to GOD for all of these things. THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ME. With HIS help, HE makes me learn to appreciate what I have in my life. That self discovery, with HIS help, is the most beautiful thing of all. Beauty in it's truest form.

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Beauty is the beauty of the soul.. the inner beauty..

It's not about what you wear or what you put on your hair..

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very subjective depends on people and culture! something the satisfies OUR sense of beauty appreciation!

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Miley Cyrus, getting out of a limo.

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beauty is my brain

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beauty is passion and self expression, being u, we r all a different kind of beauty

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Physical beauty is seen only on the outside which is passing.

Inner beauty stays with you forever.

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A person with a nice personality and intelligent not ignorant.

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In living creatures: Healthy self love, confidence and kindness. In inanimate objects: Light and Shade playing together to please the senses.

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When you can look in the mirror and love yourself

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Beauty has a form of its own. Own imperfections and wears it well. Beauty is peaceful, original, classic, fierce, charitable... Lady Diana, a 55 Chevy step side, Sistine Chapel, a smile, victory, challenge, a child's laughter, Grandparents in love, Mother Teresa, eagles, humanity... everything.

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