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She has constant, chronic pain, and wants help with pain management. She has never asked for narcotics, and doesn't want them. She is my hero in continually overcoming her addiction to pain pills. But she is continually typecast by doctors as someone who is just looking for pills, and they don't even want to talk with her. Not all of her doctors, but two in the past month have refused to treat her without even an exam or talking about her problems. How can we find a doctor and "prescreen" them for being accepting and understanding of someone's past, and not blackball them for past actions?
Grendel2001 Grendel2001 51-55, M 2 Answers Nov 21, 2012 in Addiction

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ask around, and find a pain management Dr.<br />
<br />
My chronic pain was helped by Muscle relaxers, Night and day difference<br />
didn't need anything else once the spazam stopped.<br />
what kind of pain

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We've been to pain management doctors. But so many typecast her as just looking for pills instead of trying to actually help her. If she had the exact same symptoms but was not a recovering addict, they would treat her completely different. Instead, she gets brushed aside, they think she's faking. She has fibromyalgia, three bulging disks, sciatica, bursitis in the hip, and is recovering from knee surgery.

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OMG AND OUCH. i too have issue in my disk, buldging, disappearing and fibro.
the MUSCLE relaxer made a HUGH different. i didn't need the nar after taking them
good luck, it is so hard now a days with so many addicted to pills. my fears is getting addicted.
i am looking into essencial oils

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