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Call 1-800-645-8333 in USA and they will guide you from there. Good Luck!

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When you contact the food shelter by phone, ask them what documentation they might also check out women's shelters in your area and the County social services office....

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Call any local church and ask them if they know of a food pantry or food distribution center in your area. Ask them if they have the phone number for that Food Pantry. In my area there are several, for example. There is one run out of the basement of one of the churches. There is another for the public run out of the basement of the For Families Homeless Shelter, there is another at the Women's Domestic Violence Center, and there is yet another for the general public at a localized Food Warehouse.

Find out the location and bring in some form of identification like your driver's license that shows you are a resident of the town and maybe a second form of ID like your social security card. Most towns now simply check your ID. There is a rule against double dipping because supplies are so short and there are so many people in need. Usually you will be able to collect 2 bags of food, and some day old bread if there is bread.

Call ahead to the Food Pantry you have selected and find out what day and time they are issuing food. For example, some places are only open on Tuesday from 2 pm to 5pm, and you have to arrive within those hours. Find out where to park, and whether or not you need to bring your own bags.

And good luck!!!!

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Look in the yellow pages,or,salvation army,local,churches.

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call social services or a church they should know. In Alberta you have to bring your health care card.

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Hello please could you help me please

Im in desperate need of food for me and my daughter

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