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You don't.....he is straight...remember?

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You don't...he'll ASK if he wants you to.

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Most men would accept a blow job from just about anyone if they could get away with it. The big hurrdle to overcome is it makes them feel gay and they do not want that feeling. A guy has to feel comfortable, safe, and trust you to do this. He does not want anymore attention from you afterward than he had before. Also if you can get a guy real horny the sexual chemicals in his brain will over-ride any normal barriers he has and will be more open to new ideas, but there maybe some major repercussions when he **** and those chemicals are gone. So be ready and be sensetive to him. Happy hunting.

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I think it would help if you are a woman...

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I'm bisexual (not openly) and have devised a technique to do this almost with 90% success. It's never failed but I'm just being realistic, getting a dudes mouth around your **** isn't for everybody and you gotta respect that. First is just ****, watch it. The best thing to have is gang bangs or **********. I watched this one ***** that I have saved where this smoking hot chick gets this dude and her friend together on the beach and puts their dicks together and blows them both etc. it relates to the situation of male contact for pleasure but remaining straight, which is what you want your buddy to be thinking about. Now work your way into getting him to jack off, let the intensity build, put your hand under your pants discreetly and rub yourself. If you catch him looking over that is the green light. It really helps to be wearing nice boxers, smell nice and have a perfectly shaved **** (gotta assume your mate doesn't like pubic hair) as want to be as presetable as possible. Now things won't go anywhere unless YOU are driving this bad boy. So simply just whip your **** out and he will do the same. Jack off and get him really horny then if you are sitting close touch your knee on his leg or gently brush your hands on him. If he full moves away then give up and just keep jacking off, of he doesn't care proceed. Now this next part is golden, I never see this in any other advice and it's just ******* great and will ensure you'll have your lips around his **** in no time. Ever seen the movie "Zach and Miri Make a *****"? If you have you'll know what I'm going to bring up. The "dutch rudder", for the ones that haven't seen the movie type it into YouTube to watch the scene. It's the act of where your buddy has his hand on his **** and you have a hold of his arm and you are forcefully moving his hand up and down on his shaft, it's great because it feels awesome and he will love it. The whole sense of somebody else taking control is what will shoot his hormones harder then the load he will shoot down your throat ;). Mention if he has seen the movie, if he has or he hasn't mention the dutch rudder. Either show him the clip from YouTube or explain it to him and how it "isn't gay". Insist on trying it and most likely he'll be so horny he will say yes. Start by gripping his bicep, now the proper dutch rudder is done standing up, however do it lying down or sitting and I'll explain why. Once you grip his bicep move it up and down to jack him off, he'll love it but also notice the awkwardness of the position, but won't say anything. So gradually move your arm down to his wrist and jack him off that way, touch his **** suttely then just say "**** it" and give him a *******. Chances are if you got this far once you get on your knees and slide your tounge over his **** he wont stop you. Enjoy :)

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6 beers, no witnesses and ****....tried and true

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Go to jail and get a cellmate.

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Ask him if he is interested in trying the new Dirt Devil Vortex.

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some drinks to loosen him up and a promise to never tell anybody!

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I agree with most of the answers below, most straight guys would happily let a guy suck them off if they thought there would be no repercussions later.

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You don't. get them horny and then they will ask you. cause you know how we get when we're horny. . I'm gay. I've been with more of my straight friends than i'd like to admit. AND NEVER have i made the first move.

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u dont ask, he will ask u

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There are so many men out there, that are so called bi or str8, if they are asking or you are licking your lips, and they are getting hard, you have them, listening to them moan, damn that's what gets me off

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i did it yesterday, except he asked me... but really it doesnt count because he confessed he's bisexual about 5 seconds prior

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A couple of lagers is the tradition.

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Yeah...Tell him ur holding his girlfriend hostage.heheh.

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I couldn't tell you. All the straight guys I've dated never had to be asked.

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i've never had to ask this question........

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They'll ask you over for a beer.

Innuendos will include, man i'd **** a snakes mouth if you held it

or does your babe hate giving bj's, too

want to go to the club, my nuts are killing me

gotta score

or hell start re-arranging his junk looking for your response

dont stare, just act coy

they know

theyll take a **** and leave the door open

one guy invited me to.see his huge private backyard

then pulled out the biggest white owl I ever saw

pissed and was shaking it making it dance

thats when I accidentally dropped my car keys

. He took over from there, walked over to me **** out and said dont get up

stay on your knees

I said jeez you need to register that

and he said yeah man

why dont you open your mouth wide

I got about a half o cup of *** Im going to register down ur throat

first time he let a guy do it

first time I saw or had a **** that big

first time in my life I found out that some guys really *** an unreal amount

but I never asked a man

never stared

always kinda played coy, submissive

hard to do im 6'2 and 235 like a football playrr

dont ask me how they always know

I think they can smell a **********? smile

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